Kaite ARG Walkthrough

Puzzle One

The ARG starts on Tumblr. To get the information you need to understand the story, read back through the messages you've exchanged with kaitedraws. After you do that, go check out Kaite's blog. The most recent post you see is a rather alarming goodbye post, stating that she is leaving Tumblr and to not follow her. However, scrolling down a bit, you can find a post she made showing her icon. In the tags, there is a keysmash (he7la23x!). This is the password to her email, which is linked in her bio. You can use this information to login to her Gmail.

Puzzle Two

Welcome to Kaite's email! After reading through her emails with Gee, you'll find that Kaite has a secret personal Tumblr that is password protected. The blog's URL (bl00dyhead.tumblr.com) can be found in her email drafts. The password is in a Google Doc entitled "password ideas?". The doc contains some numbers, but the numbers themselves are not the password. The other draft in Kaite's draft folder reveals how to decipher these numbers and create the actual password. Each of the numbers relates to a letter through ASCII. After deciphering the numbers, you'll end up with the password "don't interact" (make sure to keep the space in there!) This will allow you to access Kaite's personal blog.

Puzzle Three

This puzzle isn't especially difficult- all you have to do is scroll down through Kaite's blog until you find the link she's hidden in the tags of one of the posts. If you can't find the link on your own, here it is: https://bit.ly/2IpxeYi